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since 1951

Flavor of tradition

Cerrone snc, situated in Santa Maria C.V, ancient town in the province of Caserta, not far from the Anphitheatre of Capua and from the Mitreo, has offered its costumers exquisite and famous coffee blend for fifty years. The coffee store (the roasting) estabilished after the World War II by Luigi Cerrone, The strength of our Snc is the correctness and the avaibility in relationship with our experience and quality.

Caffè Cerrone snc

Coffee with passion

Cerrone Snc offers selected roastes coffee blend extracted from best quality of coffee directly imported from the greatest producing countries in the world, respecting the regulations wich protect the consumers. The business is made up of all the members of the family Cerrone, emulates professionalism and kidness of it and puts personal relations before business ones.